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Clifton Karachi Area Guide

Housing the largest number of citizens, along with spanning across the largest land mass of any city, Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. Residents of Karachi enjoy a ‘picture-perfect environment’ that includes mesmerising sea views and beaches, in the backdrop of a massively urbanised city. Two of the main seaports of Pakistan are situated here, which handle roughly about 95% of all trade activities (both national and international).

Clifton is an upscale and historic seaside locality and justifiably holds the title for being one of the city’s most affluent parts (similar to Gulshan-e-Maymar ), featuring some of the most expensive pieces of real estate. Additionally, Clifton houses numerous foreign consulates and is regarded as one of the safest housing areas in the city. General indicators reveal that the safety and security situation of the area ranks better than any other residential area located nearby.

What are the facilities and amenities offered in Clifton?

In 1927, a wealthy Hindu businessman had the Mohatta Palace constructed in Clifton, which now serves as a museum. Clifton has generally remained a residential area, offering complete and comfortable living conditions that allow its dwellers unparalleled experiences — including an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity. However, the general public of the region characterizes the area with large and beautiful houses and bungalows, located with a backdrop of the famous Clifton beach.

Clifton witnessed a fast-paced development shift, allowing the residential area to become one of the city’s largest and dominant commercial and retail hubs — featuring shops and brands which were never seen before.

To understand the reason behind the thriving commercial sectors of Clifton, one needs to take a peek at the history books. Clifton was developed by the British Empire, in the late 19th century, as the dedicated location to house the city's British elite. So basically Clifton served the purpose of being an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Currently, Clifton’s commercial centres feature the most high-end brands in Pakistan, including international ones.

What is the neighbourhood like?

Clifton houses several foreign embassies, historical monuments and sites, entertainment spots, and religious sites. Clifton offers one of the most beautiful roads in the city — Sea View Drive. It features spellbinding views of sunsets over the famous Clifton beach, which attracts numerous tourists (both national and international), to witness these spellbinding views. Similarly, a large number of people also flock to the shrine of famous saint, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi RA, to pay homage and respect.

Buying a house for sale in Clifton allows you to experience an elitist settlement, at not-so-elitist rates. You can find several types of houses and flats for sale here. Clifton mainly offers flats of sizes 80 sq yds, 100 sq yds, 125 sq yds, 150 sq yds, 200 sq yds, 300 sq yds, and 500 sq yds. These flats offer a number of bedrooms — from 1 to 8. The overall prices of these flats range from PKR 50 lakh and PKR 10 crore. The famous choice of flats in this area spans 200 sq yds. You can find this type of flat for sale within a price bracket of PKR 1.2 crore and PKR 5.8 crore. The rental price range of these units fall between PKR 44 thousand and PKR 1.8 lakh.

When it comes to houses for sale in Clifton, you will never find a shortage. The residential area is predominantly established horizontally — meaning the housing structures are large and spacious bungalows. Owing to its prime location, close to the Arabian Sea, Clifton features properties that are among the most expensive in the city. You can find several types of houses for sale in Clifton, which starts from a general size of 80 sq yds and tops out at over 2,400 sq yds. The price range for these houses range from PKR 1.8 crore, all the way up to PKR 36 crore.

In total, Clifton comprises 9 blocks, offering numerous furnished and unfurnished residential units houses for sale at reasonable and exuberant rates — offering unparalleled and modern standards of living. The increase in business activity, combined with a boom in the real estate market of the area, resulted in enabling Clifton to reign the city’s skyline. Moreover, the residential area also houses the two tallest buildings of the country — Bahria Icon Tower & the Ocean Towers.

Why should I invest in properties for sale in Clifton?

Clifton Karachi is a golden opportunity for real estate investments from genuine buyers and investors alike. The residential area allows you to easily access all the modern amenities you may need to live a complete and comfortable lifestyle. According to real estate experts, the value of properties in Clifton Karachi is still expected to further increase — as the commercial high-rise buildings are sprouting up in the area. This allows lucrative returns and large profits in a reasonably short time span.

Other investment opportunities in Karachi includes:

Flats Prices in Clifton

Area Size

Price Range

2000 Square Feet
PKR 2.50 Crore 6.40 Crore
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House Rent Ranges in Clifton

Area Size

Price Range

1800 Square Feet
PKR 75.00 Thousand 1.50 Lakh
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2000 Square Feet
PKR 1.25 Lakh 1.60 Lakh
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