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Punjab Land Records

Easily conduct your property transactions using certified documentation via computerised land records

Punjab Land Records Authority

Get all the details of any property unit in Punjab, such as transfer, location, and ownership history.

Punjab Land Records

About Punjab Land Records

Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) is a platform that allows citizens to find verified property details. By computerising the land records in the province, PLRA enables you to explore information regarding any forms of ownership details and also seek data about its exact and official location — All within 30 minutes at the Arazi Record Centres (ARC). Land ownership and its administrative issues stand at the heart of property disputes in Pakistan. Keeping in view the fact that agriculture is the backbone of the economy and contributes around 18.9 % to Pakistan’s GDP, equitable land distribution holds paramount importance. Unfortunately, the problem of land acquisition and tenure insecurity have been growing with the passage of time. This necessitates the demand for computerising all the land records, thus, saving the rights of those hailing from the lower segments of the society. In this regard, the Government of Pakistan formulates its Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper — an in-depth four-pronged strategy to combat poverty. The most important objective of the project is to initiate a prompt and improved land records service delivery in the provinces to contribute long-lasting tenure security. Furthermore, for a more robust action, a project called Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) was put in place in Punjab by the joint collaboration of the federal government and the World Bank (WB) in 2007. The main objectives of this initiative were to: - Give complete access to land records in Punjab - Enhance transparency in land transactions - Increase the tenure security of land right holders Once the Project LRMIS was completed, the Government of Punjab stepped ahead to form the Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA); the latter was formed through PLRA Act-2017. Administered by the provincial Board of Revenue, PLRA achieved many milestones in a short span of time. One of its outstanding achievements was the formation of Arazi Record Centers (ARC) in all the districts of Punjab. Apart from helping in the timely issuance of fards, the system eases down the process of registration of land mutation. All in all, in order to secure the rights of the poor farmers and landowners in Punjab, digital titling is extremely important. The computerising of land records in Punjab helps in extracting details, easily highlighting the rightful property owner with a click of a button. Now, people can easily find out details about the property and its ownership and online fards. Not only this, they can also get their property registered online within no time.


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